Why Should You Choose Wall Mounted Vanities For Your Bathroom?

As innovation has become an imperative aspect of our lives, one can see the innovation-led products in every part of the home and offices. One of the smart bathroom innovations is the “Wall Mounted Vanity”.

A wall mounted vanity is the one which is not placed on the floor. Rather, it is fixed with the support of the wall behind it and it gives the impression as if the vanity is floating in the air. These vanities not only give a contemporary look to your bathroom, but also prove useful from multiple perspectives.

The Streamlining Of The Sink

If you are wondering that, why should you choose  a wall-mounted vanities with ample storage for their bathroom, then here are the top reasons to do that:

Allows The Streamlining Of The Sink

With a wall mounted vanity, one can achieve modern flow on the sink. Apart from giving your bathroom and sink a minimalist look,  these vanities let people notice the other show-stoppers in your bathroom. The best part is that, the sink is well organized and streamlined when attached with a floating vanity.

Cleaning TheBathtoom Surface Becomes Easier

The standard vanities either touch the floor or there is very less difference between the bathroom space and the vanity’s base. Thus, cleaning the floor becomes very difficult and germs can develop in that region. With wall mounted vanities, its easier to clean the space underneath and stop the growth of disease causing germs.

It Makes A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

As these vanities don’t acquire any space on the bathroom floor, the flooring extends from wall to wall. It makes the bathroom appear bigger and spacious than it is actually. Moreover, the usable space in the bathroom also increases, and you can easily place a wastebasket under it.

Can Be Accommodated As Per The Required Height

One of the biggest benefits of wall mounted vanities is that these can be adjusted as per the required height. The taller and shorter people can get these vanities fixed as per their height, and it makes easier for them to complete their bathroom routine. This is one of the things that you cannot do with the standard vanities.

Ideal For Varying Needs Of Family Members

With ample space underneath the vanity, a floating or wall mounted vanity provides enough room for the step stool of your toddler or for the wheelchair of your grandmother. Indeed, it can ideally satisfy the varying needs of every family member.

Better Square Footage For The Radiant Heat

If you reside in a relatively cold region and want to fortify your bathroom with a radiant heat flooring, a wall mounted vanity is perfect. It will maximize the warmth on the floor where you stand for using the sink. Moreover, the floating vanities also help in minimizing the risk of overheating.

All the aforementioned reasons signify that’s why a wall mounted vanity is best for your bathroom. However, while buying the vanity, ensure that it is of the right size and offers ample of space for storing the thing in the bathroom.

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