White Cork Floor Cleaning Tips

White Cork Floor Cleaning Tips – There are varying types of white cork floorings each with its unique qualities. For example, the whites range from an ivory white to paper white. Cork is among the few materials that have made it difficult to achieve a pure white and gray in tiles. Even so, there are certain innovations that have made it possible to whiten these floorings until a desired white floor is achieved.

However, you will want to know that the quality of the floor determines its degree of whiteness. Also, poor quality surfaces demand to be replaced after brief time spans. Hence, invest in high quality products to enjoy the durability and elegant looking surfaces.

You will consider using stains in place of paint when coloring the surface. This makes it possible to convert original colors into chalk-white as well as the cement gray that you are used to. Nonetheless, this does not change the reality that the perfect white has not yet been produced. Fortunately, taking good care of the surfaces will prevent other problems from showing. For example, idyllic finishing of these surfaces minimizes the chances of yellowing at any time. In addition, cleaning with the correct materials eliminates the possibility of ending up with light yellow floors.


It is advisable that you rely on professional contractors when installing your cork floors. They are well informed and they can tell the tribulations associated with some trials. This implies that they will perfectly install the surface and provide you with professional tips of caring for the surface to ensure it does not lose its value in any time. Having mentioned all that, you may want to know how to clean floors.

White Cork Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleaning white cork floor is quite similar to cleaning hardwood surfaces. However, the reality still holds; there is an ideal way and wrong way of cleaning cork surfaces. As a finished layer, you will want to take utmost care when handling cork. For instance, you cannot afford to use harsh chemicals and waxed-based products on them. In addition, you will shun from using solvent based materials too. Just like you would buy pH neutral cleaners for wood surfaces, you should buy the same for white cork.


If you want to know how to clean floors, you will need to practice on a real surface. First, sweep off dust, dirt and sand from the surfaces at least three to five times weekly. You can also opt for vacuuming the surface as long as you have turned off its beater bar. It is acceptable to dry mop the surface using push mops or microfiber materials.

On a monthly basis, you will want to damp mop the cork floor between one and four times. However, if you want to get into deeper cleaning, consider using pH neutral cleaners for hardwood. You can make your cleaning solution of vinegar and water in the ratio 1:10. However, you can only do this at most twice every month. All damp cleaning should be followed with wiping to eliminate wetness.


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