Ways To Care For Your Furniture

Ways To Care For Your Furniture – It’s always nice to buy a wonderful piece of furniture and to see it taking pride of place in your home, but if you don’t look after it well, then you could find that it no longer looks as great as it once did. Most good furniture is made from solid wood, and there are several ways you can make sure that your furniture is as beautiful in twenty years’ time as it was when you bought it.

1. Environment

Although some woods, such as teak, are very durable and are not affected by changes in temperature, most indoor furniture can be damaged by over-exposure to certain elements. Ideally, you shouldn’t place your furniture next to radiators, open fires or other sources of extreme heat. Whilst the water content of the wood adjusts over time to small changes in humidity, it will suffer if subjected to sudden heat. Also try to keep your good furniture away from direct sunlight, which can damage the color of the wood. You don’t need to keep moving your furniture – just draw the curtains or blinds when the sun is strong.


2. Polishing

Most solid wood furnishings don’t need constant polishing. You will probably receive details about caring for your furniture when you buy it and it is always advisable to follow this guide when it comes to cleaning. As long as your furniture is not urethane-finished, you can also wax it, although you don’t need to do this more than once or twice a year. For dining tables, or surfaces where you may be placing hot items, make sure you are using heat resistant mats. You can get thick mats custom-made to fit your table, which protects the surface from daily dirt and environmental damage as well as providing heat protection.


3. Spills and stains

Water from flower vases, a glass of wine knocked over at dinner, scratches from the cat – all these hazards and more are found in our everyday use of furniture. Always use mats when you are putting anything down on the surface and wipe up spills as soon as possible, referring to your care instructions for removing water rings or wood stains.

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