Washing Machine Problems And How To Avoid Them

Washing Machine Problems And How To Avoid Them – It is better to expect washing machine problems before they happen. Being one step ahead of numerous washer errors and malfunctions can help you prevent all these from happening.

Spending a huge amount of money on repair and maintenance can be such a damper to your strict budget. You would want to find many ways to cut back on expenses. One of them is through washing machine maintenance.

Here are some of the usual washing machine problems and how to avoid them:

1. The washing machine is not spinning

This is more likely caused by a broken belt. Older versions of washers have belt-driven motor system. The belt is basically the heart of the system. Once it has deteriorated, the drum will no longer churn or tumble. You have to keep your washer in top shape all the time.


Use your washer only when washing full laundry loads. If you wash a few articles of clothes in one laundry cycle, you are not maximizing the efficiency of the machine. You are wearing out the belt needlessly. Plan your laundry days and stick to it. Make sure you also tweak the spin settings to medium settings. Fast spin speed can lead to the speedy deterioration of the drive belt.

2. The washing machine is leaking

There are two main causes of leaks. If it is leaking from the outside, it is more likely caused by damaged water hose. If the source of leak is somewhere inside the machine, it is probably caused by a damaged pump.

In order to avoid washer hose damage, do not attach it to the faucet tightly. The air and water pressure inside can damage the rubber seal. Also replace water hose every two years or so.

Just like the motor, the pump will not wear out quickly if you limit your washer usage to full laundry cycles only. Wash only when you can maximize the efficiency of the machine. Also avoid running hot water cycle. The extreme high temperature of the water can wear out the pump faster.


3. The washing machine is vibrating and producing unnecessary noise

It is most likely caused by bad bearings and belt. You may need to replace these parts to set the machine to right. Moreover, the vibration can also be caused by unbalanced load. Check your clothes and balance them out. You might also want to use a sturdy platform if you have uneven flooring. The platform will balance out the washer drum.

These are the common washing machine problems that might emerge in the future. You would want to avoid them to prolong the life of your washing machine.

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