Use Hangers And Hang Your Clothes Neatly

Use Hangers And Hang Your Clothes Neatly – Clothing or garment hangers are one those basic items that we cannot do without. These hangers keep your garments in shape and also make them beautiful for display. Moreover, hangers are useful in making closets and wardrobe space-efficient. Choosing hangers for your house is an easy task and with the wide range of options available, you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Common types of hangers

A good hanger is the one that comfortably and evenly holds the weight of a garment and keeps it in shape. Now, to pick an efficient hanger does not require in-depth research. Comparing the features and advantage of the primary five types of hanger is all the research you need.

1. Padded clothes hanger – This type of hanger is suited for hanging gowns, blouses and other delicate dresses. It ensures that the subtle shapes of these garments are maintained and also prevents creasing. The padding ensures that slippery straps and garments stay on the hanger.


2. Plastic clothes hanger – These hangers are ideally designed for hanging light- to moderate-weight garments. They are available in various colors with the common ones being black, white and clear.

3. Tubular clothes hanger – These hangers have smooth and uniform designs. They are durable and they are ideal for hanging t-shirts and formal shirts.

4. Wire clothes hanger – These hangers are compact, available in wide range of styles and are durable.

5. Wooden clothes hanger – These hangers have contoured shapes that help garments and jackets keep their optimal shape.


Various types of specialty hangers

There are various types of garments that require specially designed hangers. This is to ensure maximum care, efficient hanging and storage. Some of these types include lingerie, notched and suit hanger.

The lingerie hanger is similar to padded hangers, but they are petite and available in either pastel or white co lour. These hangers are covered in satin or similar delicate fabric that adds beauty to it.

Notched hangers have standard hanger design and structure, but with smooth, evenly spaced grooves or notches in the upper arms. These are perfect for holding and supporting garments with spaghetti straps or support ribbons.


Suit hangers are designed to withstand the weight of any quality three-piece suit. Almost all types of suit hangers are fashioned from polished wood with a pronounced and stylized curve in the shoulder. This helps the suit maintain its distinct shape and crisp look.

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