Trash Removal: Get Your Yard Cleaned Up

If you are the owner of a boarded house, you may soon become aware of the fact that unscrupulous neighbors may use your property for their personal dumping ground. People see a boarded house and assume the home is unoccupied and thus no one will mind or notice if they just sneak their Christmas tree over and dump it on the yard. Same goes for their excess weeds, pinecones, and anything else they may need to get rid of without going through the hassle of the proper trash removal channels. While this is a good argument for on-site cameras, that argument does little to take care of the waste that’s already there.

Trash removal can be a tricky business in many communities. More often than not, the city’s dump trucks will summarily ignore piles of yard waste left by the curb. Not only isn’t it their job to dispose of this refuse, you may find yourself fined for leaving it out there in the first place. Many garbage collection workers are protected by strong unions and it isn’t in their interest to go above and beyond the call of duty. This isn’t meant to disparage workers in the sanitation industry, as there have to be rules governing the process. Otherwise, people would take advantage of any loophole and start leaving the most ridiculous things imaginable by the street for pickup.


If you have a boarded property, neighbors may choose to use your yard as a way around this rule. Instead of finding a way to have the refuse removed from their property, they’ll just use yours as a kind of intermediary dumping site. The ethical questionability of such a move aside, the truth is that it happens every day, and once it has happened, the debris is your responsibility. Unlike your neighbors, you’ll have to find a proper trash removal company to get rid of the waste. Thankfully, this needn’t be a task beyond your capabilities.

Though the city may not be much help when it comes to trash removal of this sort, there are often private companies willing to get the job done. Some even specialize in boarded properties and are acutely aware of the hazards that property owners face when leaving a house unattended. Call around and see if such a company exists in your community. Explain the situation and you should be able to find someone who can help you out. If this is a recurring problemComputer Technology Articles, you may even be able to set up a regular schedule wherein the company can come out and get rid of the excess debris.

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