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Bathrooms or comfort rooms reflects the kind of person living in that house. If it is sparkling clean then the owners are likely to be fastidious and meticulous in hygiene and sanitation. People all across the world spend thousands of dollars to design their bathroom but very few individual initiate sincere efforts to keep it clean and tidy. The worst and the most unpleasant part of a dirty bathroom is a dirty toilet bowl. Dirty toilet bowl is highly unhygienic and serves a breeding ground for germs. A dirty toilet bowl is known to be repulsive and unpleasant. However, it is not that difficult to clean a dirty toilet bowl as you may imagine, provided you know the right way to do it.

It needs discipline to maintain a toilet’s cleanliness. Frequent use may lead to bacterial growth which may bring forth disease-causing germs when not properly cleaned. Cleaning the toilet is a challenging task especially when tough stains are present. Tough stains are usually found in old houses or comfort rooms that are seldom cleaned. More so, it can also be tiring when adequate cleansers are not used.


There may be several cleansers in the market today but base on my experience some are of no good. It may claim to remove stains, unfortunately it does not. Good quality and effective cleansers may dissolve organic encrustations, scale, tough stains, and deep-seated dirt in bowls. Concentrated cleansers dissolve stubborn stains instantly without hard labor on your part. You may leave it for a few minutes to soften stains before scrubbing – it’s so amazing how this toilet bowl cleaner can do magic to your water closet. You will feel much more confident for your children squatting on it without your supervision because you are assured of a germ-free toilet bowl.

The problem is finding the right product at the right price. It can be daunting at times to find various brands with quite a wide range of prices but promises the same thing and that is it removes tough and stubborn stains. How will we know which brand is telling the truth? How can we distinguish which product is effective? Can we base effectiveness through its price? It’s really confusing and frustrating to be buying one brand after another.

Try the natural toilet bowl cleaner that is made from sodium per-carbonates, soda ash, and mild vegetable base surfactant. It guarantees to dissolve stubborn stains and odors without chemicals and acids. It’s all natural and is completely biodegradable which are safe and not harmful to plumbing, septic tanks, and to our environment. Safe to use, touch and inhale.


Natural products may include citrus cleanser concentrate, green cleanser for floors, mild abrasive cleanser, and natural lemon scented dish washing soap among other things. To ensure that you use only effective cleaning products purchase only supplies from trustworthy suppliers. Natural toilet bowl cleaners concentrate will relieve you of excessive and tiring effort in cleaning water closets. Because of its easy to clean performance you can now have extra time to spend and enjoy with your family. No more hours of scrubbing. In just a matter of minutes your comfort rooms may look totally refreshed.

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    my name is Alizi John working with Mangelis Investment Limited located at Dei-dei Market Idu Abuja. we are interesting in your Chemicals use in washing Jacuzzi, toilet Closet etc.

    we will be glad if u accept our request


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      Dear Sir, we are not selling any type of toilet cleaner products, we just write about cleaning and give some tips & ideas.

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    Thank you for sharing this great article, very informative n worthy sharing.

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