Tips For More Successfully Ironing

The iron’s plate should be regularly checked to ensure there are no mineral deposits on it which can cause brown marks during ironing. The steam holes should be cleaned only when the iron cold. Scrub the holes with pipe cleaners soaked in soapy water. Next, eliminate the soapy water by turning on the iron and steam it out. For a dirty plate, gently rub the plate with a mild scrub cream cleaner.

Make sure to use only distilled water for your steam iron. Use a heat reflective cover for the ironing board for quicker and easier ironing. The temperature of the iron should be set according to the general laundering symbols found on the tags.

In order to reduce the ironing time, the laundry should be folded right after the dryer stops. It is recommended for the linens to be ironed while they are still damp and always on the wrong side of the clothing. For maximum protection, make sure you place an extra cloth on it before your start ironing. When dealing with some delicate fabric, use tissue paper to cover the material and to avoid shining marks. It is also important for the iron to have the right temperature.

Cut your ironing time by putting a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil will reflect heat so you’re actually ironing from both sides at once.


For a pleasant, sweet and fresh smell, spray the linens with some perfumed water during ironing. You ca even come up with your own perfumed water by simply mixing distilled water with an essential oil of your choice.

It is recommended to leave the freshly ironed linens to sit a while before folding them, ensuring they are completely dry.

When dealing with linen, always start with the wrong side, followed by the right side to restore the fabric’s sheen. Wrinkles on the linen can be successfully eliminated with a hot iron. In the case of linen garment, make sure you only iron the wrong side of it.

Try to get an empty cardboard tube from a fabric storeFree Articles, as it can be useful when you want to iron tablecloths or larger sizes. For smaller tablecloths a pair of chairs around the ironing board can also do the job.

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