The 3 Benefits of Owning an Aluminium Greenhouse

Eating fruits and vegetables that are sourced from your own greenhouse gives you peace of mind. This is because you are sure the crops are free from toxic herbicides and pesticides that are used in commercial farms and you are saving a great deal of money by growing your own produce. With aluminium greenhouses, you can grow vegetables and fruits that are enough for your entire family. When you want to construct a greenhouse, you can only use wooden or metallic frames. A greenhouse that features aluminium construction is much better for the following reasons.

Built to Last

  1. Built to Last

Most homeowners avoid building greenhouses that are made from aluminium because they perceive them to be expensive when compared with those that are made from wooden materials. Although the initial construction of an aluminium greenhouse might give you a run for your money, it’s cheap in the long run. This is due to the fact that you build the structure once and for all. A metallic greenhouse can last for many decades without requiring any repairs due to its sturdiness.

The good thing is that you can paint the aluminium frames with a color that blends well with your garden. The other advantage is that aluminium doesn’t rust like other metals. A wooden greenhouse will rot in several years because it’s vulnerable to attacks by pests. Besides that, an aluminium greenhouse is sturdy enough to bear with the weight of any flowerpots that may fall on its wall accidentally. If such an accident happens in a wooden greenhouse, you will have to call your carpenter to repair the structure immediately.

  1. Compact Design

An aluminium greenhouse requires very little space in your garden. This is because it features a slim design that doesn’t make the garden look congested. In addition to that, it’s very easy to carry the materials to the construction site because they are very light when compared with wood. It also gives you the flexibility of choosing between covering the walls with nylon paper or clear glass panels.

Moreover, expanding your greenhouse when it’s made from aluminium is less hectic because you can easily deconstruct one side by removing a few metal frames. On the other hand, expanding a wooden greenhouse is cumbersome and a costly affair. This is due to the fact that some pieces of wood will be totally damaged, leaving you without an option but to buy new pieces of wood.

  1. Keeps Pests Away

Growing your crops inside a greenhouse will keep them safe from pest attacks. This is because rats, squirrels and other pests can’t penetrate through the strong walls. Any homeowner that has ever planted fruits and vegetables in an open field will tell you that they did not enjoy the fruits of their labor because pests feasted on their crops before they were ready for consumption. Additionally, a greenhouse made from aluminium will protect your plants from harsh weather conditions. On the contrary, a wooden greenhouse will develop holes after being exposed to extreme weather conditions for several years. These holes will give pests and diseases an easy access into your greenhouse.


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