Storing Of Old Newspapers And Magazines

To preserve your old newspapers, you need to unfold the newspaper in order that the first page is viewable, protect it with acid-free tissue and make use of a storage container to keep the wrapped newspaper. For magazines, you must sort the pages, use corrugated card board as backing and store the magazine inside a plastic sleeve.

Magazines and newspapers are rich sources of information. There are occasions when these types of publications feature historical events or intriguing stories of renowned men and women, and you may want to save these content articles as keepsakes. To do so, you need to preserve the publications so they sustain their readable form. Using robust supplies such as plastic sleeves may save old periodicals and help them last for many years. Below are some of the guidelines you may follow:

For old newspapers:

1. Unfold it so that the top of the page is displayed

To preserve a newspaper, it’s best to unfold it so that the first page is displayed and you’ll not need to turn over the pages. Lay down it flat over the solid and smooth surface such as a table. You will be storing the publication in this way so that you can easily see significant details about the newspaper, including the publication time, head lines in that issue and other details. If you keep newspaper folded, the creases could eventually tear apart.


2. Cover it with acid-free tissue

You should now utilize acid-free tissue papers to cover the newspaper. This material are sold at crafts and arts retailers or at office and school supplies stores. Make sure that the whole magazine is included by the tissue paper. Once you’re done covering the newspaper, seal off the newspaper within the tissue utilising archival tape. The archival tape will also keep the acid-free tissue in place. Keep one side open for airflow.

3. Utilize a storage container to keep the bandaged newspaper

Buy or locate a storage carton that has a depth of only 10 inches. You will be keeping the wrapped newspaper in it. Before buying a box, take the measurements of the newspaper you’re keeping and document it for reference when you’re shopping for a box. Carefully place the publication into the box and replace the cover. Position the box in a cool and dry area where it isn’t exposed to sunlight or any hazardous elements.

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For outdated magazines:

1. Sort the pages

Sort the magazine’s pages by separating the article content with acid-free tissue. You can also slip the acid-free tissue in between the pages so that the physical appearance of the page is conserved.

2. Apply corrugated cardboard boxes as backing

Support the magazine’s back section using corrugated card board. This will also retain the flatness of the magazine.


3. Keep magazine inside a plastic sleeve

Place the magazine as well as the cardboard support into a plastic sleeve. Plastic sleeves will efficiently keep contents dry and free from dust. They come in several dimensions and can be purchased from arts and crafts supplies retailer and on the web.

Be sure you store magazines and newspapers inside a location where they’ll not be directly exposed to moisture and sunlight. Sunlight can fade the colors and text on the pages while moisture can cause mold growth.


(Perfect way to store your old magazines and put it to better use). Hockenheimer by NJUStudio

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