Stone Floors: Cleaning And Care

Stone Floors: Cleaning And Care – Natural stone floors are extremely fashionable and not the luxury item they once were, owing to cheap imports and modern methods of production. The most popular stone floors are limestone, marble, travertine and terrazzo (cement inset with marble chips), granite and slate. Natural stone is very heavy, so check the strength of the floor underneath before fitting.Timber sub-floors on upper storeys may need strengthening.

Stone floors are hard-wearing, luxurious and perfect for areas of heavy traffic, such as bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. They also combine well with the increasingly popular underfloor heating, which is a bonus because otherwise they are cold and hard underfoot. They still tend to be expensive, and anything that drops on them is likely to break.

Stone floors: Cleaning and care

Though stone floors appear hardy, they can be damaged by incorrect treatment. Protect areas of heavy traffic with rugs. Be aware that dyes from handmade rugs can stain stone floors, so do not lay rugs directly on the floor; use an underlay. This also prevents the rug from slipping.

Most modern stone floors are sealed and polished, but they can be scoured by dust and grit. Sweep or vacuum regularly. Wipe up spills promptly. Mop once a week or as necessary, using mild detergent and a well wrung-out mop. If a floor is very dirty, with layers of built-up dirt and grease, use a specialist stone cleaner. Normal strong detergents and acids can damage stone, especially unsealed limestone and marble. Specialist stone sealants are also available and are particularly useful for sealing and protecting stone and other porous materials such as unglazed terracotta or quarry tiles.

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