Steam Cleaner Uses

Steam Cleaner Uses – Cleaning takes a lot of different cleansers in order to do a good job, right? Wrong! It simply takes the right tools to do a good job and ensure everything is clean. There are a lot of different tools that can be used to clean with like a broom, mop, furniture polish and cloth, scouring liquids and bleach. You do not really need all of these chemicals and cleansers to thoroughly clean a home, you simply need a steam cleaner.

There are a number of steam cleaners that use steam to clean that varies in size. Some are industrial machines that are intended to be used on floors in hospitals and nursing homes for sanitizing their surface. This type of steamer can be expensive depending on the size you choose. Other cleaners such as hand held versions are really quite inexpensive.


Some think that water is water whether it is drawn from the tap or heated to produce steam. In some ways this is true but when you use it in a steamer, the water is heated and produces steam that is sufficient for killing microscopic germs and bacteria. Manufacturers recommend using distilled water for steamers because it does not contain contaminants that tap water holds.

There are many benefits to using a steamer for cleaning. They make a great sterilizer for bathrooms, kitchens and even toys. The steam penetrates porous surfaces so stains are released much easier and they are instrumental in removing allergens. Many people mistakenly think that carpet cleaners use steam to help clean the carpet.

steam cleaner accessories

Steam cleaner accessories

Steam cleaning carpet machines are a common misconception. They do not actually use steam but simple hot water instead. The hot water is forced down into the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt and then a vacuum is used to pull the water from the fibers. A steamer actually heats the water to the boiling point in order to produce steam. Both machines use water but the steamer uses much less than a carpet cleaner.

Many people find that steam cleaners are instrumental in removing mildew and molds from bathroom tile. It also helps kill the mold spores so that it is more difficult for it to grow. They easily release soap scum from tile as well as sanitizing toilets and bathtubs in guest rooms.


Another benefit of using steam cleaner is the fact they can be considered a green tool for the home. This is because it does not use chemicals to clean with, kill dust mites, bacteria and germs that could be living in your home. This is the most effective way of freshening bedding and upholstery, drapes and other fabrics as well as removing most allergens within the home.

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