Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

For the hectic spring season you need to freshen up your home a little bit in order to bring that sunshine and crisp air in your house. But you don’t need to relate this healthy duty to heavy work and exhausting running up and down the house. The following special tips will assist you and show you an easier way to handle with the cleaning.

First of all, you should write down the exact results you want to achieve with this spring cleaning. In the beginning focus on the efforts on the big pieces and areas that are the most important to you, they are usually among the furnishings, appliances and carpeting. Once you have finished them the rest of the job will be done in no time.

This starting plan will be a useful point for your work and it will help you to escape the fuss once you have started with additional and insignificant activities. You have to bring all the cleaning supplies you intend to use with you and not to wander around looking for the place you have left some of the tools. It’s very important also to wear several bags or boxes to put the trash in them or to store the things which have to be moved in another room.

Start from the top level of your home. There is one little trick for your carpet and upholstery washing. You can easily save time for moving the furniture in order to clean under them. Just place the legs of each on a small wax paper squares after the shampooing and it will protect the carpet and in the same time will save the legs of the furniture from getting wet. Then you have to open all the windows so the process of drying could take a lot less time. Of course, if you aren’t enough confident in your abilities you can always call professionals to do the work for you and it could save you many efforts.


For finishing your floors we advise you to use two buckets one with the mixture of the detergent and the other for wringing your sponge. For achieving better results in a short time use a combination of wash-and-wax floor cleaner. And better choose those of them who give cleans and shines in the same time. We suggest using a floor cleaner that not only cleans, but shines, too because that is how you can give your floor a brand new look for a longer period of time.

Although walls look like they dont need cleaning, because the dust always comes down the floor, it isn’t quite right. They collect dust and germs, too and it’s healthier to wash them once in a year with a sponge. Divide the walls into units and clean them from top to the bottom. A sponge mop makes it easier to reach higher spots. This part of the spring cleaning may as well include the baseboard and woodworks. For the facade of your house and exterior walls use a water hose to spray them and to get rid of the dust and cobwebs.

In order to clean the refrigerator’s condenser coil use a long-handled brush and a vacuum cleaner with an attachment. This coil usually is on the back of your fridge and if it is difficult for you to reach it push the fridge lightly ahead. That’s how you can easily remove the layered dust, which can even cause troubles in the work of your domestic appliances.

Some additional tricks: – Instead of dusting all little objects on the shelves in your home, you can wash them in water. This will save you time and efforts and what’s more important it doesn’t allow the dust to spread again in the area. – You can easily absorb the odors in your refrigerator by putting an open box of baking soda in it. – Whatever you do, don’t forget to add some upbeat music just to keep your perfect spring mood!

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