Small Bedroom Organizing Tips

Small bedroom needs artistic and creative ideas. With limited space in a small bedroom, it is important to best utilize all available space wisely and intelligently. In this article we’ll sugest how to decorate and organize a small bedroom.

Decorating and furnishing a large bedroom is comparatively easy. Large space offers more freedom to decorate and implement new ideas. On the other hand, decorating a small bedroom in challenging and needs new and innovative ideas. Organizing a small living room is different from decorating a bedroom. Both these rooms are used for different purposes and need to be decorated accordingly.


Choosing furniture for small bedroom

Small bedrooms have limited space. This demands furniture and bed that utilize less space, yet give more comfort. For example, the Murphy bed mechanism is a great choice for a small bedroom. It takes up less space and offers more comfort. Decorating a bedroom also depends on who is going to use it. For e.g., decorating small bedrooms for kids would be different from decorating a bedroom for couples. In a bedroom for kids, bunk beds are a good space saving option.


If you have limited or no budget to but new furniture for your bedroom, try to color the existing furniture. This can improve the looks of the bedroom and won’t cost much. If you can buy new furniture, try to get a deal on good quality products. If you are getting a wardrobe, choose one that has enough space for all your essentials. A queen sized bed is best suited for large bedrooms. If your bedroom is small, get a Murphy bed or a bed that utilizes less space without compromising with comfort. You can also keep a multi-function study table that can be used to keep your laptop or desktop and other essentials and stationary.


Flooring in small bedroom

When it comes to flooring in bedroom, wooden floors are in great demand. People are also opting for radiant floor heating for comfort on cold days. Apart from engineered wood flooring and bamboo flooring, tiles, marble flooring and white floor tiles are also good choices. While a wooden floor can give a natural and warm look and feel, marble flooring gives a fresh and royal look to your bedroom. White floor tiles look good in a small sized bedroom. Choose tiles according to your budget.


Walls in small bedroom

Wall in a small bedroom in something that should be wisely utilized. Cabinets attached to the wall are a must in any small bedroom. It will occupy little to no space in the bedroom and yet, offer space to keep essentials. It is a great space saving option. Decorating the bedroom walls is very important to improve the look and feel. Paint the wall according to the lifestyle and taste of the person who is going to use the room. Consult a good interior designer if required. The newest trend is towards abstract designs on walls.


Wall decorations can also improve the look of the bedroom. Decorative mirrors can be used to add beauty and make the bedroom look bigger. If are willing to keep a TV set in the bedroom, go for an LCD TV. It will use lesser space and offer better quality picture. Consulting friends, family members and colleagues for interesting decorating tips for small bedrooms can also be helpful.

When it comes to windows, try to install sliding windows. They occupy less space and look beautiful. A French door would be a great addition to the bedroom.

When it comes to curtains, use full sized curtains and drapes of good quality. This will add beauty to the bedroom and maintain privacy.

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