Silk Rug Cleaning – Can You Clean One Yourself?

When working with rug made out of silk you are generally dealing with a handmade rug. Handmade rugs are extremely hard to clean properly if you don’t have the right equipment and experience. Silk rugs are expensive and easily damaged by improper silk rug cleaning. Silk is VERY easy to permanently damage with the wrong solution or even the wrong concentration of solution! Real silk is produced as the cocoon covering of the silkworm, the pupal form of the Asian or mulberry silk moth, bombyx mori. The cocoon is spun by the silk moth caterpillar of a single silk fiber that can be up to several thousand ‘ in length. To harvest the silk, completed cocoons are boiled or heated to kill the silkworms, then laboriously unwound into single fibers which are plied together and spun into thread or silk yarn.

What is the process of handmade silk rug cleaning in the right way some may ask?

1. Turn the rug down from backside, so that the front portion of the rug is down. Beat slowly the back side of silk rug with the broom handle, this has impact that it loosens the dirt caught inside the silk fibers, making it easier to remove when vacuuming. Warning!!! Please do not beat the top side of the rug, as you may damage delicate silk threads.

Oriental Rug silk

2 Though its not necessary but you should try to vacuum a silk rug twice a week to remove dust and dirt that falls into the rug’s fibers. Please ensure to use a sweeper attachment to clean the rug.

3 . When any liquid is fallen on silk carpets, Blot the rug with a white cloth or paper towel, until all liquid is removed.

4 . Hot water will permanently damage silk rugs, so do not use water above a lukewarm temperature. The strongest chemical you should use on your silk rug is a solution of water and white vinegar; stronger chemicals can damage the rug. After all liquid is removed or say soaked, dab the club soda onto the stain, working from outside the stain toward the inside. If this is not convenient for you, you may also mix one part white vinegar and one part water and apply this to the stain, continue blotting until the stain is removed.

rug silk

5. Dry the damp area with a hair dryer or leave a fan running on the silk rug until the area is dry, try to avoid sunlight.

6. When you do not want to use the silk rugs store a silk rug by rolling it up with the fuzzy side on the outside. Use the sheet to cover, the roll to avoid any dust.

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  1. Avatar for Amy Diamond Amy Diamond says:

    I strongly recommend calling a certified professional for silk rugs. There is a strong potential for damage is not treated properlyl

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