Signs Of A Bad Paint Job

Signs Of A Bad Paint Job – It can be frustrating to hire painters or do the hard work yourself only to find that the results look unprofessional or sloppy. Sometimes this can make your home or office look worse than it did before, adding up to a complete waste of time and money.

It is important, as a consumer, that you know the signs of a bad paint job so that you can expect excellent results when you work with paint contractors. These are the top 5 signs of work poorly done:


1. Crooked lines

Proper prep work is required for clean edges, corners, and lines. Without the proper prep work and execution, you can find paint on your trim, ceiling, mirrors, or light switches instead of meeting these edges perfectly.

2. Visible brush strokes

Paint should be clean, flat, and even for a welcoming and attractive tone to the room. Paint that looks rough and bumpy or has brush strokes throughout will look sloppy and poor. Usually, this is a sign of overworking an area or painting a second coat over a wet first coat of paint. Impatient workers make for bad results.


3. Dirty walls

Professionals should know that walls and ceilings should be cleaned before they are painted. Painting over dirt, dust, and stains does not hide them; it only changes their background color and can even leave them permanently embedded in the wall.

4. White spots

White freckles in a wall, or freckles of the previous paint color, are unsightly and make a paint job look uneven. This is usually a sign that the painters were low on paint supplies and did not restock with more cans, instead choosing to be stingy with paint and spreading it thin.

5. Unexpected results

If you selected a sophisticated gray-blue and end up with childish baby blue, for example, you can be left frustrated, even horrified. Sometimes white looks more like beige on the wall and soft browns end up looking like a heavy layer of mud in the room. While many paint colors look different on the wall than on a sample sheet and some difference is to be expected, wildly different results are a sign of bad work. Applying too much paint, watering down the paint, or not priming before painting can give you something completely unexpected on your walls.

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