Rugs For A Kitchen: Is It Really A Good Idea?

Rug For A Kitchen: Is It Really A Good Idea? – Rugs make great decorative items in many rooms in the home, adding an element of style through the use of different textures, colors and patterns. They also serve a very practical purpose, keeping feet from chilly floors and being easier and less expensive to clean than carpet.

Yet there is one area of the home that rugs are not typically seen in – the kitchen. This is mostly unsurprising, as the kitchen is one of the places in the home that tends to get very grimy very quickly, what with all the cooking grease, food and drink spillages and the heavy traffic as you run between your stove, your cupboards, your refrigerator and back again.


Despite this, considering rugs for your kitchen should not be ruled out completely, as these items can bring quite a few benefits to this interior space. Here are a few reasons why you might want to seriously think about this option.

First of all, rugs for a kitchen can really add style to a room that is otherwise difficult to add character to. These items can add another layer of texture, and a traditional rug often looks stunning in a rustic kitchen space, really pulling together a charming, vintage look.

Rugs for a kitchen are also a good idea if the space doubles as a dining area or has another space with seating in it. A rug underneath a table and chairs can provide a more pleasant space to sit and eat, making the kitchen seem less stoically functional and more liveable instead.


Putting a rug in your kitchen also makes sense for other reasons as well. In the case where a rug is used under a dining table and chairs as mentioned above, it becomes perhaps even easier to clean than without a rug.

For those messy eaters that spill crumbs, peas, cornflakes and other small bits and bobs whilst they are eating, a rug creates a great catch-all that can be quickly and simply shaken outside after mealtime. In this way, dirt and grime does not build up so much, stopping your kitchen floor developing a layer of filth that you have to tackle at the end of the week.


In a similar way, rugs for a kitchen can be placed in the food preparation area in order to catch things that fall as you are chopping, slicing and dicing for your recipes. Rather than these food items rolling off underneath your fridge or some other difficult-to-reach location, a rug can easily catch many items making for a simpler tidy-up.

Rugs for a kitchen also make a lot of sense for those that spend a lot of time standing up in this particular room in the house. Many kitchens feature stone, lino, tile or wood on the floor, all of which can be cold and hard in varying degrees. For someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a rug can be a welcome – and considerably more comfortable – relief.

A rug for your kitchen can also protect your flooring; materials such as marble can become worn after years of use, and placing a rug in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic can reduce this deterioration effect.


A kitchen rug will, however, become dirty fast, and there is little way of avoiding that. Considering this, it is advisable to stick with affordable rugs so that you can replace them at little cost whenever they get too grubby for your liking. Darker colors and patterns will stay looking clean and in good condition for longer, so go for one of these if this is a concern.

Rugs in a kitchen can look stunning, add practicality and keep your feet warm when you’re in front of the stove or kitchen sink. Although regular rug cleaning can put some off, there are more people than ever that think the pros of this arrangement far outweigh the cons.


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