Remove Stubborn Spills From Carpet

Remove Stubborn Spills From Carpet – Spills happen, especially if you have children. If it’s something like water, mud, or light-colored juice that won’t stain, it’s usually not a big deal. You clean up the mess and let it go. Other times, however, the spill is one that you don’t even know how to handle. When you or your kids spill wax, nail polish, and other troublesome substances, it can seem almost impossible to get your carpet back to normal.


Whether your kids made a mess during an art project or you simply dripped on the carpet while painting your bedroom, figuring out how to remove it from your carpet is no easy task. Here are a few methods you can try.


If the paint spill is still wet, blot at it with a wet cloth or paper towel. Make sure you don’t scrub, as this can spread the paint around and rub it into the fibers. Just blot until the wet paint is lifted. If the spill is dry, mix some dish detergent with hot water and soak a cloth in it. Then try blotting at the stain using the same method just described. After the dry paint has been softened by the warm water, try scraping it off with a knife. If this still doesn’t work, you can use a handheld steamer to soften the paint while you scrape until it is removed from the carpet.

Nail polish

Little girls love to play with mom’s nail polish. It’s cute until that bottle of ‘Tickle Me Pink’ gets tipped over and spills all over your carpet. Now what? Well, there are a few ways you can try to get the nail polish out.

The first is to use a non-acetone nail polish remover. First, dip a cloth in the remover and blot it on a less visible corner of your carpet to make sure it doesn’t bleach the fibers. If it does, you’ll need to try a different method. If not, you can try blotting at the spilled polish with the cloth next. Make sure you don’t rub, but continue blotting patiently; it can take more time than you might expect.


You can also try a basic window cleaner. Simply spray it over the spilled polish until the stain is soaked. Let it sit for a few mins, then wipe the cleaner away with a washcloth and cold water. The same method can be attempted with hairspray.


Most people don’t see this kind of spill as often as others, but if your child or anyone else ever knocks over a candle warmer or something else filled with hot wax, it can seem impossible to get it out of your carpet fibers. Here’s one simple way to get rid of it quickly.

First, make sure the wax is cool and hard. Then, using a butter knife, try scraping off as much of the wax as you can. Once you’ve removed as much as you are able to by hand, lay several clean paper towels over the wax spill. Iron over the area using an iron that is set on the low or warm setting; make sure it’s very low, as you don’t want to burn the paper towels or singe your carpet. This will re-melt the wax and allow it to be absorbed by the paper towels.

Repeat this process with clean paper towels until all of the wax has been cleaned up. 

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