Proper Washing And Drying Of Custom T-shirts

Your custom T-shirts are unique to you. To make sure these T-shirts last as long as possible, proper laundry care is important. To ensure proper care of the T-shirt, it is recommended that you follow the manufacturers’ suggestions which you will see on the label. This would reduce the possibility of your T-shirts stretch, shrink or lose color. Below guidelines can help keep your customized T-shirt around a lot longer:

Washer guidelines

Locate your washer settings to delicate cycle; select the cold water temperature option. Applying cold water and delicate parameters will help protect both the colors of your custom shirts and the print.

Before washing, flip the T-shirt inside-out. This avoids the print from rubbing against washer surfaces and other fabrics, which causes untimely fading of the print. Apply your detergent and softener as usual, making sure to follow the T-shirt manufacturer’s recommendation. When in uncertainty, don’t use hot water, use cold water instead. Do not wash your T-shirts with jeans or jackets! As an alternative, wash with other garments that are made from similar or softer cloth, such as silk or cotton T-shirts. Don’t use bleach! Bleach will alter the colors of the print on custom T-shirts.


Drying guidelines

Do not tumble dry your T-shirt on the heat cycle. Constantly let them tumble dry at room temperature. Don’t wring out the shirt. This will create cracking and chipping of your custom design. It is recommended that you hang your T-shirt on a hanger and let it air dry. Don’t hang the T-shirt by stretching out the neck. The correct technique is to pull the hanger through the bottom of the T-shirt. It is all right to use an iron on the shirt if the manufacturer’s instructions say so, but NEVER iron over the print on custom T-shirts! Keep in mind that a home iron can reach temperatures into the 300°F; this is very similar to reheating the shirt with a specialized heat press. The result is melting the ink again and creating a mess. Do not dry clean. The solvents, chemicals and high drying temperatures used in dry cleaning is damaging to the shirt fabric or the screen print.


Sooner or later your custom T-shirts will begin to lose color and show signs of deterioration. This happens with all outfits and there’s really not much you can do to avoid it. However following these simple guidelines, you should be able to enjoy your custom shirts for several years to come.

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