Prevention Of Laundry Color Fading

Prevention Of Laundry Color Fading – With repeated washings, all dyes will eventually fade, but the natural fading will be increased by over-use of too harsh detergents and over-washing or washing at too high temperatures. Bleach will fade colors, as will exposure to sunlight. Another possible cause is inadequate rinsing, which leaves a powdery detergent residue on the fabric.

What to do?

It is not possible to restore color that has gone! If something is very precious, you might try dyeing it, but the results are generally disappointing, and if the fading is patchy, the new color will be, too. If you suspect that the fading is due to powder residue, try the following…


Soak laundry in a solution of white vinegar and water (250 ml vinegar to 2 liters water). Use hot water, at a temperature appropriate to the fabric, and soak clothes for an hour. Then rinse and wash as usual, using the correct amount of detergent.

How to prevent laundry color fading?

Wash clothes less frequently. Always use a special detergent designed for colored clothes and do not use bleach. Turn clothes inside out for washing and drying, and if drying outdoors, dry inside out, out of direct sunlight.

laundry color fading

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