Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen Pipes – If it is cold outside, you might try your best to stay inside and stay warm. During the freezing temperatures of winter, it is important that you not only keep your family and pets warm, but you need to make sure things in your house stay warm too.

One specific area of concern is your water pipes. If your pipes freeze and then break, you are in for a mess to clean up, at the very least. Running water can do a lot of damage and can leave you with a major disaster. If you find that you have a frozen pipe, it is probably best to reach out to an expert. It is best to take precautionary steps with your pipes before those temperatures drop. There are a few things that you can do for preventing frozen pipes.

How to prevent frozen pipes?

1. You will want to keep your water pipes dry and away from cold moving air. It is a good idea to put pipe insulation around them.

2. On really cold nights, you may want to use heat tape. This is wrapped around the pipe and, if possible, under the insulation. Read any instructions you have when applying this tape to make sure you are doing it right. A heated reflector lamp may also be used. Just shine it on the specific area of the pipe that is most susceptible to freezing.


3. If you have lost your electricity, your only option may be to have water moving through the pipe. You will want to turn on the hot water tap and start a slow drip. Then add the cold water side as well, for a faster combined drip. It is less expensive to run the water than to repair a broken pipe.

4. You will want to also focus on pipes in crawl spaces and cold basements. Don’t forget them when you insulate.


BriskHeat heat tape

5. If you do realize that one of your pipes is frozen, you will want to examine the area first. If you already see a crack, you will want to get a professional. If the pipe appears fine and is metal, you may be able to thaw the frozen area with a hairdryer or heat lamp.

6. You want to also make sure that you remove all hoses from outdoor spigots before the weather is cold and you experience a freeze.

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