Play Area Inside A Greenhouse

Play Area Inside A Greenhouse – In urban areas, space is at a premium and often times there is no grass or plants to be found. In their place, vast amounts of concrete and pavement have been constructed. Adding a greenhouse to your property or rooftop not only provides you with a place to grow plants and flowers, but can also provide a safe place for your children to play.

Designating one section of the greenhouse as a play area will provide a place for your children to entertain themselves while you tend to your flowers. This area provides a protected environment for children to use their imaginations in an outdoor setting that can be utilized year-round.


Two factors to consider when creating such an area inside a greenhouse are:

1. how much space do you have to work with,

2. what will you do with the play area after the children have outgrown it?

If you have space constraints for the overall size of the greenhouse, ensure they are considered during the planning process; smaller greenhouses will not accommodate as many options without being squashed together.


Creating a unique environment for your children to play that also has an outdoor park feel can be accomplished by incorporating a raised ground bed on the floor of the greenhouse and using it to grow grass. The grass will provide a soft place for children to play and the bed can be changed into a home for flowers and vegetables at a later date, or as a garden for the children to grow their own plants when they are older. Incorporating low shrubs into the design of the bed will help add to the outdoor atmosphere.

A sandbox can be created by filling a raised ground bed or shallow pond liner with sand. Having a specific area for the sand will prevent it from spreading throughout the greenhouse. A plastic bin or small, wooden crate can be used to store the sand toys when not in use; keeping the greenhouse tidy. Depending upon the amount of space available in the greenhouse, larger toys such as a small, plastic slide can be added. Make sure to position the end of the slide over a soft area, such as the sand or grass to prevent scrapes and bruises that would result from landing on the hard floor of the greenhouse.


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