Planning A Bathroom Storage

Planning A Bathroom Storage – If you are tired of your bathroom looking untidy and drab then it is time to make a change and take a look at some innovative bathroom storage ideas. Bathrooms usually lack storage space and end up looking untidy as items such as make up and toiletries and other such items lay on the counter tops. Usually the cupboards under the wash basin are also packed to capacity with everything from toilet cleaners to toilet rolls. However, we’ve come up with some fabulous bathroom storage ideas that are cost effective and modern.


When we talk about storage ideas for your bathroom, we don’t mean remodeling your bathroom as there are simple and easy ways in which to create extra attractive storage space. Basically what one needs to do is rethink the room’s design and layout. Depending on whether your restroom is small or large you can include recessed shelving where you can display and store your toiletries and other small items such as decorative pieces.

If the room is large then you can install recessed cabinets and cupboards which will allow for extensive storage space as well as allow you to pack away any visible clutter. Look at the room’s layout and if you do not want to create a lot of work for yourself right off the bat, then start off small. Look at how you can maximize your space. Start off by utilizing the existing cupboard space and organizing the mess in the cupboards. Purchase some small storage baskets which can be stacked and labeled.


Space can also be utilized behind the door where you can hang cloth bags and store many different small items in them. Installing a vanity will also maximize your storage space in the bathroom. There are really great vanities out there that not only have cupboard space but also drawers. You will be amazed at the difference that a vanity can make not only as storage space but also as a revamping and decorative idea.

When it comes to the toilet paper most people hang their toilet paper on a hook which in most instances looks unsightly. There are many other options such as hanging the toilet roll inside of the vanity or you could purchase a decorative basket which you can put next to the toilet and put the toilet rolls in the basket which still allows for quick access and puts the “TP” out of view.


When you think of bathroom storage ideas you probably think that this storage project will cost a lot. This is not the case as bathroom storage accessories and solutions are very reasonably priced. In addition you can purchase some mounting hardware as well as a few storage baskets to put your toiletries and makeup as well as other odds and ends into. One can actually do a mini revamp for around $80.

However, if you intend doing a complete revamp then you are looking at around $500 or less if you do it yourself. You can go online and take a look at a wide selection of affordable bathroom storage ideas which will not only create more space but will also enhance the bathroom.


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