Organizing In Home – Brass Pipe Fittings in Your Home

The only thing more damaging to a home than a flood is fire. Like fire, there are preventative steps that a homeowner can take to prevent his home from suffering from water damage. When your pipes or water lines fail in your home they do not just a leak a little bit, they can potentially spray hundreds of gallons of water into your walls in a matter of minutes. If the brass pipe fittings in your home fail while you are on vacation or away from home the damage could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a case where prevention is key.

The pipe fitting that are used to join two pieces of pipe together can be corroded by a process known as dezincification. This corrosion is triggered by, of all things, water. Once the corrosion starts it can restrict the flow of water to a point that appliances which use water, such as your dishwasher, ice maker, or washing machine can become basically useless. When the water flow is constricted in one part of the plumbing it can cause pressure to build up in other areas, which is the perfect recipe for a burst pipe.

The damage caused by water to your home can go well beyond money. The emotional cost of losing personal treasures and family heirlooms is something that you simply cannot put a price tag on. Unfortunately, the cost to upgrade your plumbing with more reliable copper pipe is by no means cheap. To access the waterline to your home, a plumber will have to cut into walls and floors and possibly ceilings. The brass pipe fittings, if left unchecked, are really little more than taking time bombs. While a single brass fittings may last a lifetime, the sheer number of them in the average home means that the odds are not in your favor.

brass pipe fitting

Copper pipes are by far the preferred material for running water lines, but as construction companies try to find more cost efficient ways to build homes they have, unfortunately, begun to use cheaper and less reliable plumbing products. The decision to upgrade your plumbing may not be an easy one, but the cost of repairs if one of these fittings were to fail can far outweigh the cost of replacing them with a higher quality alternative in the first place. It may be costly to replace them but it is a gamble to leave them in your home.

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