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If you have decided to work from home in your home office, then one of the first things that you should consider is your home office set up. Setting up a functional home office can be more of a challenge than it may first seem and you realize that you cannot work on your laptop all day at the kitchen table! Here is some great ideas and practical advice on what equipment you might need and how to lay out your home office.

Find a room that is practical. The room for your home office should be large enough to store all of your work stuff. If possible, it should be away from busy areas of the house, such as the lounge, the kitchen or the kids’ bedrooms.

Make your office a pleasant place to be. You are likely to spend most of the day in your home office – so decorate and fill it with things that you like. Hang your favorite pictures in there, paint it your favorite color and make it your own.
Buy good quality office furniture and equipment. If you are setting up your home office on a budget you should still invest in good quality work equipment, for the sake of your health. Spending all day sitting on an uncomfortable chair and leaning over a desk that is too high or too low will soon give you muscle strains and possibly back problems. It is a false economy to buy cheap office equipment because it can ruin your health and make you unable to work. Invest in a supportive chair, a sturdy desk and have regular eye checks, if you work as an audio typist, it might also be worth purchasing a wrist rest or wrist support as well.


Organize your stuff. Everything in your office should have it’s own place. Working from home can tend to make people think that they don’t need to be as organised as they would be if they were at work – this is not the case! If you work from home, then it is really important that you know where everything is and that you can find things quickly when you need them. It’s no good expecting to hear from an important client and when the phone rings, you can’t find it and then you have to look for a pen or turn on your computer!
Eliminate distractions. Although we think it is fine to play some music while you work (unless you are a audio typist), items such as the TV, the biscuit tin or anything else that may be a distraction, should be excluded from the room.


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