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Closet organizers are a great way to organize some of your closets. You can build units yourself or purchase pre-made organizers and just install them into your closet. They can help you to reimagine spaces – discover hidden potential and most of all, find balance. Adding storage can be expensive so if you don’t have the money you may just need some tips on how to organize your closets.

Here you can read how to create more space for your closet, you may want to do these next few suggestions.

First step to organizing anything is de-cluttering. Get rid of everything that you don’t use, don’t want, or don’t wear. This is a simple way to feel up some space in your closet rather it be in your bedroom or in your living room. If you don’t think you will ever need something ever again, throw it away.

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You will feel better knowing that you have the space now. You don’t have to throw everything away, try either having a yard sale or donate the items to charity places like Goodwill. When you are organizing try to put everything in three piles; keep, dispose, or place somewhere else.

Now, look at all that you want to put back. Gather everything that is related into categories like belts, shirts, skirts, so on and then decide how you want to put them back into the closet. To organize your messy, teetering piles of sweaters in the closet you could put the bulkiest pieces at the bottom of the pile to avoid an unstable, top-heavy formation.
Separate cardigans, turtlenecks, etc., so you can tell what’s what without resorting to unfolding them all. You may decide to get a pre-made organizer located at many hardware stores to put in your closet. This is one of the easiest ways to organize.

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Also, mark your shelves with tape according to style, and then create a color-graduated stack. This is the easiest way to find your favorite piece of clothing. Use shelf organizers (like what they have at the library) to keep things tidy and contained. Arrange larger bags side by side, and stack flat clutches on top of one another and you know exactly what you have.

What to do with a bunch of shoes? Mount a rack on the wall and conceal it with a curtain hung from a metal rod. If no such nook is available, consider installing shelving near the door and color-coordinate your shoes to make it look extra intentional. Line boots (complete with boot trees) along the floor. During warmer months, store them under the bed in a clear plastic box.

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If you have a handyman at home as a boyfriend or husband, he may built you shelves or organize your closet space. Invest in a drawer divider with six-inch-wide sections for keeping your fancy underwear. You may also want to place things that aren’t in season in a storage bag or roll away storage containers under your bed so you can free up some space. You may also find that you want to have your rod pushed up so that your long dresses and such don’t touch the floor, by raising the rod, you will have more floor space. Use uniform hangers for tidiness.

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If you are organizing your home or fixing your home up for selling, many people look for the closet space in a home. You will also want to go through the same steps to other closets. When people organize their closets, they end up finding valuables that are worth much more how they are treated. Organizing your closest are not just great for function, but can also be a moneymaking situation.

Do you know what’s in your closets? Plan to get a closet organizer or just organize your closets to find out. You never now what you’ll find your closets.

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