New Ideas For Window Treatments

New Ideas For Window Treatments – Window treatments can be one way to add innovative design and unusual flair to living spaces. Check out what is recommended in this year 2015:

Natural materials

Consider a more natural approach to window treatments. Wood is a natural treatment, providing important privacy while also showing off a casual and natural texture. Bamboo shades are functional, yet also give the consumer the satisfaction of being environmentally friendly. Other options in natural materials include sisal, jute, and grass, available in a variety of colors to match any decorating scheme.




Luxury fabrics

Nothing says style like luxury fabrics on a window. Traditional fabrics exude luxury and remain beautiful for years. Consider velvet, silk, suede, and damask for curtains or draperies. These materials make a statement without the need for fancy designs or intricate styles. You might push these fashion trends over the top with the addition of showy embellishments. Ornate hardware, shimmering crystal trimmings, or beaded tassels would certainly steal center stage in any room.


Monochromatic color scheme

Keeping lines simple resonates with many people. Forget the excess fabric and loud color. Instead, choose fabrics in a muted palette or even a monochromatic color scheme. Basic Roman shades that fold up or unfold to cover the entire window provide important light control and privacy for a room. A room will feel instantly contemporary and sleek when you choose these window treatments.


Make a daring choice

If you’re looking to inject some bold energy into a room, you can easily achieve this with your choice in treatments. Choose loud prints and wide stripes for draperies. Coordinate the colors with the rest of the room and you have an instant statement in fashion. Try large-scale geometric patterns, florals, and funky stripes. You can mix or match any combination of these designs for even more innovative design.


Innovative hardware

Even if you opt for traditional fabric, you can still set off your rooms with unusual hardware. Instead of a plain curtain rod across the top of the glass, choose large medallions lined up in a row. Large finials can also serve this purpose. For a stylistic contrast, hang tie-tab sheer curtains from wrought iron drapery hooks in the ceiling. Install an extra-long curtain rod that extends out from both sides to add drama. Not only this, the extra length of the curtain rod will enable you to move curtains completely away from the glass to let in maximum light.

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