Need More Space In The Bathroom?

One of the smallest yet most used rooms in almost every home is the bathroom. Unless you were fortunate enough to design your own home, you probably have struggled with trying to find enough room to keep everything in the bathroom that needs to be there. In addition to extra towels and toilet tissues, medications, creams, toothpaste and hair products all need a spot they can call home. A bathroom space saver can increase the storage in any bathroom in just a few minutes. They are easy to install and very affordable.

Home improvement stores are a great place to begin the search for one of these handy items. They can be purchased in kits or already assembled. A bathroom space saver kit is generally less expensive and not hard to assemble and mount on the wall. In the case of a bathroom space saver that has already been put together, the only requirement is to hang it up.


White, painted or wooded

The typical color is white and the unit can certainly be used as is. If it’s being mounted above a white toilet, the color will fit nicely into the bathroom. However, a white bathroom space saver can be painted to better match the décor of the room. Another design features wood such as cedar or pine. This lends to a more rustic look and it’s important to treat the wood before mounting it. The moisture in the bathroom can lead to damage of the surface of the bathroom space saver if left untreated.

small-bathroom2 bathroom

Two is better then one

Hanging is fairly simple but requires a helper. Although it’s possible for someone skilled in the use of a drill and screwdriver to hang the unit alone, it’s much easier and quicker if two people work together. Ensuring the bathroom space saver is mounted on the wall straight can be done with the aid of a level. You really don’t want to get it on the wall only to discover it’s leaning to the right or the left.


Used to store many types of item

Once it’s up on the wall items can be placed on it. Some people use them to store general everyday things such as a razor, hairbrush and extra soap. Others purchase a larger bathroom space saver that can accommodate extra towels and washcloths. One item that always seems to run out in the bathroom is extra toilet tissue and this can be hidden away in the bathroom space saver and out of view until it’s needed.


Extra storage is welcome

Extra storage is always welcome in the bathroom. Whether it’s to hold perfumes and make-up or razors and after shave, a space saver can keep everything close at hand and organized.

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