Major Fall Cleaning Jobs

Many chores are carried and left for the spring, especially those involving cleaning. Some of us have most of these cleaning chores left to be done during fall. For the people who are having family over for thanksgiving or any of those winder holiday, the fall season is a great time to do cleaning chores. Thus it is going to ensure you, having a cleaner house and will make all the holiday seasons less nerve-racking! There are three major fall cleaning jobs:

1. Carpet cleaning. According to many expert carpet cleaners, a person must have the carpets and rugs professionally cleaned at least once every six month, but of course it depends from the traffic that the carpet gets in your home. Doing once a year deep carpet cleaning, the fall is the perfect season to do so.

The carpets will be refreshed for welcoming your guests, and of course will look like new after steam carpet cleaning is performed. Having cleaning services for your carpets is allowing you to say to them to do professional vacuum cleaning prior to steam cleaning, as they are able to eliminate and remove much more dirt and grim than your regular vacuum cleaner.


2. Attic cleaning. When the weather gets cooled down, it is the best time go go up on the attic and start getting rid of the dust and all the mould or mildew that might be there. Just take only the vacuum cleaner to the attic, and start from the ceilings and cobwebs working your way down to the floor. After cleaning the attic you will realize that you have now a clean storage room. Whenever you go to the attic for cleaning, take with you a dust mask and protective eyeglasses. There will be a lot of dust up there.

3. Cleaning the chandeliers and the light fixtures. The fall is a great time to clean those chandeliers and light fixtures, light globes or any other kind of light diff-users. No one want to see his light fixtures how dirty they are, especially during the holidays where you might receive guests. Do not reassemble a chandelier and leave it on its place, take a stool or a ladder and clean them by using a damp cloth. Mostly what there is to be cleaned is just dust and dead insect bodies.

Some additional carpet cleaning jobs that you might do as well during the fall is to clean the draperies too. Mostly if they are able to be cleaned in a washing machine wash them and let them dry later. You might find time to clean the oven, of course you do it only when is needed. Nevertheless we think this is a great time for you to do a thoroughly oven cleaning, especially if you going to cook or bake during the holidays.

Furnishings and carpets you can clean also by mopping or vacuuming underneath them. This kind of task is mostly done once a year, as most people do they are doing it in spring time. Turn upside down the area where the carpets are and vacuum the backside. It will help you to get any hidden dirt and grime at the base of the carpet fibers. If this seems a lot of job for you, there are always cleaning services to do it for you.

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