Maintenance Of The Hardwood Floor

Maintenance Of The Hardwood Floor – Hardwood floors bring so much to the aesthetic of any home or apartment, but with all the attention they command, it is important to keep them very clean and clear of scratches. You don’t want them drawing focus to the dirt they harbor! Luckily, the obviousness of the dirt makes them also very easy to keep clean. So, stay on top of your cleaning duties and you will reap all the benefits of beautiful hardwood flooring. Read these maintenance of the hardwood floor rules:

1. Sweep or vacuum the floors as often as you can. If you decide to use a broom, make sure it has soft, fine bristles that won’t scrape the floor. The same is true of your vacuum, make sure it is appropriate and safe for wood floors. You can use a soft brush attachment for this.

2. Anytime water or a wet spill hits the wood, clean it up immediately. Water is extremely damaging to wood floors, so wipe it up with a soft towel and dry the area thoroughly as fast as you can.


3. This fear of water translates to mopping. While mopping should be part of your cleaning regimen, use a very dry damp mop when cleaning polyurethaned wood floors. If you don’t, excess water can seep between the seams and ruin the floor by warping the wood.

4. Consider using carpet runners and pads over wood floors in high traffic areas like hallways and staircases.

5. Vacuum any rugs and runners you have over the wood frequently to ensure that the dirt doesn’t sink through the carpet and scratch the wood beneath it.

6. Choose the proper shoes. Try your best not to wear heavy boots and shoes or high heels on hardwood floors, as they can cause dents and scratches very easily.


Scratches on the hardwood floor

7. Never drag furniture across the hardwood floor. Only move furniture after you have vacuumed or swept the floor to remove any dust and grit and then use furniture pads designed for moving to help slide your furniture.

8. Believe in floor mats, put one at each entrance to your home to ensure that minimal dirt is tracked in onto your shiny floor. This will minimize the amount of time you will have to spend to dust and vacuum.

9. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions when treating scratches and dents. Water damage is largely impossible to fix.

10. Furniture pads should go under any and all furniture all the time, even when you are not moving it. Kids jumping onto the couch or pulling their chairs in and out of tables are great ways to scratch up the floor repeatedly, in the same place. If there were pads under all of the furniture, it would smoothly avoid scratches.

Don’t let the worries about having hardwood floors prevent you from getting them in your home nothing looks classier. Carpet collects dirt and stains much more effectively, and so while you might get away with cleaning it less frequently, it will look shabbier in general. So polish up your hardwood floors and let your home’s beauty shine through!

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