Leather Furniture Cleaning & Maintaining

Many people prefer to buy leather furniture. During the winter they keep your seat warm and in the summer is the opposite. So, how can you neglect them? Unfortunately, very often the leather furniture owners do not know how to keep them clean. Of course, if you do not maintain your furniture in the proper way, you won’t be able to use them longer.

Probably you are interested in how to remove different kind of stains from the leather furniture. We recommend acting immediately, if you notice a stain on the couch, for example. It is good to use some leather furniture cleaner, but if the stains are too stubborn, you can apply more effective cleaning solution.

Bubble gum: The first thing, which you have to do is to dry the gum. You can use a hair dryer. When it is completely dry, you have to remove it with a clean cloth. At the end you can apply some leather detergent.


Mold and mildew: You should make the following mix: water and alcohol. Then, it is good to pour it in a spray bottle. Do not forget to test the cleaning solution before applying it. You can make the try to some invisible place. If you skip this step, you can cause damages to the leather. When you have made the try, you can spray the cleaning solution on the problematic area and wipe with a clean cloth. If the cloth gets too dirty, you have to take another one. Repeat the process until the mold is gone. Then you can dry it, but avoid sun light.

Ink stains: You can apply hairspray or nail polish remover. When you have chosen the cleaning solution, you have to spray the stained area and blot the stain. Repeat the process as much times as necessary. At the end dry.


You have to dust the leather furniture every week. And it is good to vacuum it with the brush attachment every month. Wash the cushions, too, they accumulate a lot of dirt.

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