Learn The Difference Between A Remodeling And A Renovation

Learn The Difference Between A Remodeling And A Renovation – Now that you’ve found your perfect home, you naturally want to make it your very own. Whether an apartment, duplex or single-family home, most folks find once they’ve moved in a few changes would make their purchase even more ideal. You may find, however, the changes your wish to make are more than just moving in your furniture and pictures. After all, your lifestyle is unique, therefore your living space should be. Maybe the previous owners like more segregated rooms, but you like open living where the kitchen and living spaces blend seamlessly. Perhaps the old crown molding has its charm, but you’d like to modernize it a bit with a new splash of paint. Whatever changes you have in mind, it’s important you have the right language to communicate your wants and needs.

Let’s look at the differences between two of the most commonly mistaken terms: remodeling versus renovating . Your builder will be glad you know the difference.


A remodeling can be literally any change to an existing house. However, more specifically, it means any change in function or character of a house, room or section of the home. If your children are grown and their adjacent second bedroom to your master looks more like a walk-in master closet now, you need to ask for a remodel. Again, this is because the second bedroom’s function will change; it will no longer be a bedroom, but instead a luxurious walk-in closet attached to your master bedroom. Does your attic have the potential to become a true home movie theatre? Then, again, you need to request a remodel. If it changes the function of the room, it is a remodel.

More often, individuals renovate their homes, especially when they first move in. To renovate means to literally ‘make new again’ or spruce up. You invigorate the space when you renovate. Did you update the appliances in your kitchen from outdated to stainless steel? You renovated it. Did you tear out the old, floral wallpaper and paint the walls, instead, a modern slate grey? Again, you’ve performed a renovation. Since what you’ve done hasn’t altered the function of the spaces, like a remodel would, you’ve renovated. While your kitchen renovation may add tremendously to your home value, the original kitchen space is still intact. A builder would consider this a smart renovation and investment.


You’re lucky enough to find yourself in the perfect space, but you’d like to make it even more you. The right terminology will make the process even smoother as you map out exactly what it is you want to change. Whether you to wish to remodel your extra bedroom into a home gym or update the light fixtures in you dining room, it’s important to know what to ask for so the communication between you and any outside party will be that much easier. Whatever you choose, congratulations on the improvement of your home, you’ll be glad you made the changes.

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