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Kitchen Spice Racks – The trouble with having a small kitchen is that there is nowhere to store those tiny jars and packets that hold cooking ingredients – and find them quickly! The obvious option, when you think about it, is to screw a rack to some available wall space and place small matching jars, containing various frequently used ingredients and a different herb: basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme; you can do the same with the various spices too.

Apart from using spices regularly, you can see their depths of color and tone. There are, however, literally hundreds of herbs and spices – if not thousands if you take into account various blends – so, before splurging out on a space saving kitchen spice racks, you really do need to consider very carefully where you are going to put it.


Kitchen spice rack by Purpose Design

Many people don’t like bits and pieces cluttering up their kitchen surfaces. If this is the case with you, the best place for a kitchen spice racks is attached to the wall. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like anything on view and prefers everything in the kitchen to be hidden away – well, there is even an option for you as well.

The most important thing about a space saving kitchen spice rack is that it needs to be accessible. For those people who prefers spice racks to be attached to the wall, make sure you don’t place them too close to the cooker as the heat emitted from that could cause your spices’ potency to be reduced – and, since some of the best spices are quite expensive, you don’t want that to happen!


Kitchen spice rack

So, what selection do we have when it comes to a space saving kitchen spice rack? One idea, for spices sitting in the corner of a worktop, is a spice carousel. This is simply a wooden rack, usually rounded, that contains a number of small bottles, each one filled with a specific herb or spice. When you need to get a particular bottle, you just spin the carousel around on its pivot until you locate the bottle you need. This really is a great idea for a space saving kitchen spice racks as they can sit at the back of a little-used corner of your work counter, yet still be available as required.

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