Kitchen Furniture And Space

Kitchen Furniture And Space – The kitchen has been called the heart of a home. Yet, for many of us, a wide array of appliances, cookware, and other items have made the kitchen a cluttered mess. Sure, these items make food preparation simple, but when not in use they become just another set of obstacles in the way. Kitchen furniture can help to solve these problems and more.

Cabinets can be great space savers in the kitchen. You can find a kitchen cabinet to fit any home style. One of the most popular styles of cabinets is microwave cabinets. Microwave cabinets typically combine shelves with storage space. For many, cabinets are a great place to put items that you need to use frequently or items that you would like on display. Cabinets can be a great way to add space to kitchens with high or vaulted ceilings, since many have a more vertical design.


Though cabinets may be a great place for kitchen cookware, if you are looking for a stylish way to store more decorative items, then a baker’s rack will be just the item for you. Baker’s racks can be designed with shelves, storage cabinets, and/or utility hooks. There are a variety of items that you could store on or in a baker’s rack. Yet, because of their stylish design, you may wish to have potted plants or decorative plates and bowls housed on your baker’s rack.

Kitchen carts are another space saver in the kitchen. Kitchen carts typically offer shelves, drawers, or additional storage space. The style of cart can be chosen by the type of items you need arranged. Depending on the style, kitchen carts can be an ideal spot to store pots and pans, wine, or additional plates and bowls. Plus, the table top surfaces that kitchen carts have are also great places to arrange additional appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, or blenders. Kitchen carts allow for the capability of adjusting your kitchen space to fit your needs at any given moment. Thanks to their mobility kitchen carts can easily be moved out of the way to increase walking space. This same mobility can be used to your advantage to carry items over to the dinner table.

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Closely, akin to kitchen carts, but often used more for functionality than style are kitchen utility carts. Kitchen utility carts are great for storing cookware, plates, and small appliances. The type of items you store will depend greatly on the size of the kitchen utility cart that you choose. Similar to other kitchen carts, kitchen utility carts can also be moved to create additional space when needed.

If you are trying to arrange the clutter of food items such as rolls, cereal, or any other form of dry food that you use often, then you may want to consider using display bins or cases. These clear cases provide an appealing way to store a variety of food items in an organized manner. Bins and cases take up very little room in your kitchen. Commonly used in bakeries, you can purchase display cases and bins for the kitchen that are stackable, independent, or that sit side by side. You can install them yourself or employ a remodeling contractor.

When attempting to create space by storing pots, pans, appliances, and other kitchen items another great option is the kitchen island. Kitchen islands can store a variety of items, big or small, and are often accented by hanging pots and pans above the island and out of the way.


Unlike kitchen carts, kitchen islands can be built with or without wheels. Yet, their weight makes them a little harder to move easily. Instead kitchen islands increase space, by also giving you additional workspace for food preparation. Normally for cutting, chopping, or seasoning food, kitchen islands may also have drawers to keep additional knives or other utensils.

On, the off chance that you, like many of us, would like additional space in the kitchen to hold mail, coupons, or other smaller items then there is another more stylish alternative. Counter tables are a great way to store small items, due to their drawers. Be sure to choose your counter table by the number of drawers you will need. Their table top design also gives you space for small appliances sets of plates or bowls, or pitchers.


The fact is many kitchens are filled with clutter. The need for additional appliances, such as espresso machines, electric can openers, blenders, coffee machines, etc. has slowly diminished the space available in an average kitchen. However, there are ways to not only combat this issue, but possible gain additional space in the process. Well placed kitchen furniture can be stylish, yet functional. Kitchen furniture can save space, create organization, and in many cases maintain sanity.

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