Keep Your Swimming Pool Looking Great

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, then you certainly want to keep it clean and looking at its best. Many new pool owners underestimate the level of maintenance that’s required. Read more to get full details.

Not only do you have to regularly skim and scrub your pool but you also need to ensure that the chemical levels are properly balanced. Failure to keep the chemical levels in your pool balanced can not only make it unhygienic to swim in but also cause skin and eye irritation.

One of the most common problems that pool owners deal with is cloudy water. Cloudy water is often caused by bacteria but it can also be caused by heavy rain, lack of sunlight and heavy circulation. The tips below will help you to diagnose the root cause and treat your pool as necessary.

Dealing with cloudy swimming pool water

1. Test the water – The first step to take when you notice that your pool water is cloudy is to test it. Testing kits can be purchased very easily online and will allow you to test the pool water very easily. When testing the water, you’re looking for the chlorine and PH levels as well as alkalinity of the water and calcium hardness. If you find that the chemical levels are imbalanced then this is the first thing to address.


2. Diagnose the problem – Pool cloudiness can easily occur as a result of poor maintenance practices on the part of the owner. To help eliminate this as a possibility, you should ensure that you skim and clean the pool as well as cleaning the filters. Once you have ensured that the pool is clean and the chemical levels are well balanced, you can then move onto treating the pool with water clarifying products.

3. Fix the cloudiness – If you’ve eliminated all other possibilities, then you can use a pool cleaner to fix the cloudiness in the water. If you find that a mild cleaner doesn’t do the job, then you can move to something stronger. It’s important that you always run the filtration system when treating the pool water with cleaning products.

Good maintenance practices


1. Skim and clean regularly – You should skim your pool daily to clear it of any debris or leaves. You should also clean the deck at least once a week to prevent any algae forming, which can get into the water. Skimming and cleaning is something every swimming pool owner needs to make part of their routine.

2. Clean the filters – The filtration for your pool is what’s going to keep in clean and safe to swim in so it’s very important that you could the filters clean and empty the filter basket as needed.

3. Keep an eye on water levels – It’s easy for water levels to rise, especially after heavy rain or repeated use. The ideal water level is halfway up the skimmer opening. If levels are too low, you can simply add more water using a garden hose.


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