Keep Your Desk Clean And Organized

Is your desk piled up with all kinds of papers and stuff, which are not in there place? Does it look like it is going to collapse any minute now? That probably is a sign that it needs cleaning and organizing. People say that the messier your desk is, the more creative you are, but still, there should be a little order. There are a few tips how to keep your desk clean and organized.

The first thing that is important to do is to regularly clean your desk and keep it looking good. Depending on what material your desk is made of, you should clean it with different cleaning products, which you keep near.

For example, if you have a wooden desk, you need to keep a soft cloth and a product for cleaning wood somewhere near your desk, this way you can clean your desk at least once a week.


You should make sure you leave a small area on your desk for your pocket items – wallet, keys, phone and so on. This way when you are looking for one of those things, you will not have to turn everything upside down to find them. If you have drawers in your desk, the best place to eave those items is in your first drawer. This way they are not to be seen by everyone, but still they are easy to find. A good idea for the drawer is to have wires already run for charging all things you use that need that.


An other good idea is to label all of your documents and folders. However, make sure that the labels are correct. There is nothing more irritating than searching for a piece of paper among a pile of other papers, which have not been organized. If you label everything than you will know where everything is.

Be sure to have a good lamp on your desk. The lighter your desk is, the neater it looks.

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As a last step, remove all the pens and pencils, which you are not using. If you use only one or two pens, you do not need to have 15 on your desk. Put the rest away in a drawer. This way you will decrease the clutter on your desk and it will look neater.

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