Ironing Clothes Safely

Outstanding outfit but with a drab look; can you really put that on and walk down the streets? Why is it looking dull? Actually you didn’t get time to iron it. This cannot be an excuse because ironing clothes is actually a part and parcel of life. Whether you do it on your own or dump the clothes in a laundry things ought to be done in some way or the other.

Nowadays mostly automatic irons are used. They are not so heavy and through steam ejection process makes the ironing easier and better. The folds are perfect without any single sign of wrinkle all around.

Safety tools you must follow

While you iron your clothes always make sure that there is no loose connection in the in the wiring and you are standing on a shock-proof base. The accidents caused during ironing clothes sometimes become fatal. The temperature is too high and the electrical charge is immense. A slight contact with the current can result into a disaster. Therefore always iron your clothes on an ironing board which is heat resistant in nature and stand on a shock proof floor for your safety.


Including these simple safety measures if you know the right temperatures of ironing different types of dress materials, sorting out time for the purpose will become easier. Also you can stay away from hazards while ironing and won’t burn up the cloth.

The brief of temperatures for safe ironing

Get into the detail of ironing temperatures with the maximum value. What type of cloth material will require maximum heat? Generally you will think of cotton. But linen needs some degrees even higher than cotton. It is 230 degrees centigrade for linen garments where as 203 to 204 degrees centigrade for cotton clothes.

Triacetate clothing materials walk hand-in-hand with cotton at least in case of the ironing temperature. Only four degrees less, it needs 200 degrees centigrade for great ironing effect.


Polyester, silk and wool belong to the same family. Though worn at different seasons for different purposes, while ironing them the temperature of the iron has to be fixed at 148 degrees centigrade. That’s one typical common factor shared by all of them.

Acrylic materials and spandex needs minimum amount of heat. So just raising the temperature to 135 degree centigrade you can get a fine effect of ironing. Therefore feel better and look smarter in the suitable attire matching with your profile. But make sure you wear them neatly with perfect crease wherever required. Even a simple outfit then can change your outlook.

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