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If you install a carpet in your home, it enhances the looks of your house manifolds. Carpets are available in many sizes, colors, patterns and designs. You can choose the carpet according to the decor of your house. Carpet is a big investment in terms of house decoration, so you must choose it carefully and install it even more carefully. You should give plenty of thought while choosing the type of carpet. It is always not easy to choose the right to the specific room. And according to the kind of carpet, you have to follow certain installation instructions.

Perfect installation of the carpet makes great difference to the appearance of the carpet and as a result, to the room itself. Let us discuss some helpful tips for installing some popular types of carpets.


Woven carpets. While installing these kinds of carpets, atmosphere of the room should be between 18 degree to 25 degree C and humidity should be between 10 to 65 percent. It is important that the room should be maintained at these environmental features at least three days before and three days after installation. In case, you need to use seam sealer, it should also be maintained at these parameters at least one day before usage. Before installation, make sure to lay the woven carpet flat for about 24 hours. Woven carpet needs to be relaxed before installation.

Tufted carpets. This is the most popular kind of carpet and it is available in three varieties. These varieties include cut pile, level loop and cut and loop pile. Before installing this kind of carpet, allow it to relax by laying it in the installation position. It also allows the carpet to acclimatize. Before carpet fitting, first prepare the base floor. It should be free of any dust, dirt and oil. Make sure to have seams along the length of installation of the carpet so that traffic runs along the seams.

Besides these two important kinds of carpets other types of carpets include flat weave, needle felt and hooked rug.


Before installing a new carpet in your home, first remove the old carpet. Never install a new carpet over old one. While cutting the carpet, do not place it over other piece of carpet. Between two sections of carpet, use a cutting board.

While placing tackless strips, allow a space, equal to 2/3 thickness of the carpet, between the strip and the wall.

To help reduce the effect of chemicals released from the carpet installation, ventilate the room and let the fresh air come in. Keep running your ventilation system for at least 48 to 72 hour after installation.

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  1. Avatar for Drew Drew says:

    Choosing the right carpet for your home might seem overwhelming at first but these are great tips. You can definitely narrow down your options by figuring out your lifestyle and going from there. Thanks so much for sharing!

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