How Well Do Garden Shredders Work And Are They Worth Buying

Ever wonder why your Granny was so happy with her garden shredder? You must be thinking, “Ah, maybe because it saves her time in getting rid of all her garden waste!” Well you got that right. But a garden shredder actually does more than provide for an easy disposal. It can shred leafy material, prunings from garden shrubs, and even huge piles of stems. These shreddings can be recycled and used as wood chips that can be decorated and scented for your garden paths. These shreddings also make great mulch that can be spread over soil to keep it moist. These are just some of the bonuses to using a garden shredder.

shreddings can be recycled

A garden shredder is a good investment for both personal and environmental reasons. It can be a huge help not just for people with a green thumb but also to those involved in the landscaping business. A shredder will save you time dealing with those sprawling piles of cuttings in your garden. Kitchen waste, like fruits and veggies, can also go into your shredder.

A garden shredder can save you money as you won’t have to pay for hedge cutting removal. It also does wonders for the environment as you can turn waste into something useful such as compost. It also helps you avoid backyard burning, a practice that is deemed harmful and illegal in many countries. Compost improves garden soil. Dry leaves, wood chips, vegetable and fruit scraps, as well as plant trimmings make the best composts.

Garden shredders come in different types, with varying features and sizes.To give you more ideas about which kind of garden shredder to buy, here are two types to consider.

  1. Electric garden shredder– The electric types are the small shredders you usually see in small gardens. They are good at chopping leaves and green branches. However, most of them have limited capacities and may not be suitable for big woody branches. Because they are typically lightweight, they are easy to move around. An electric garden shredder is most suited for the average household use. Just make sure to get one that has a cable long enough to reach your garden. The latest models of shredders even have lower noise levels while cutting steadily. Price range: £200-£500
  2. Petrol-engine garden shredder– This is a better option when you have a large garden and need a mobile shredder. It usually costs twice as much as the electric type but it is worth the expense because it can shred thick branches. It is a must-have for professional gardeners. This is what you’ll buy if you are seriously into shredding as it can shred thick branches among other yard waste and it does not require power. The only con is that it can be quite bulky and hard to move around. Price range: £1000-£2000

Choosing the best garden shredder depends on the material you need to dispose of and what you want to achieve with the disposed material. It is an investment so it is important to look at different factors, like capacity, safety, and portability before buying one.


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