How To Wax A Floor?

How To Wax A Floor? – Most hard floors can be waxed. Wax protects the surface and gives a soft, attractive shine. But it is extremely important to use only specialist floor waxes which are designed not to be slippery.

Sweep and mop solid waxed floors, including parquet and stripped floorboards, as for the other surfaces. To remove the dust and at the same time bring up the shine without waxing, an old-fashioned but extremely effective method is a paraffin cloth. To make, soak pieces of old blanket or heavy-duty cotton cloth in a mixture of half and half paraffin and malt vinegar. Hang them out to dry. To use, tie the cloth round the head of a dry mop and use to dust the floor. Store in airtight plastic boxes or bags when not in use.

Use a polish specially designed for floors.

How to wax a floor?

Do not wax floors more than a couple of times a year. Not only will you be making unnecessary work for yourself, but polishing more frequently will cause the polish to build up and become smeary. Not only will this show up every mark, but eventually it will have to be removed, which is a dirty job.

Use a polish specially designed for floors. One very reliable make is a liquid wax called Johnson’s Traffic Wax. Use a small amount of wax. Using more is of no benefit; in fact, you will just be making more work for yourself. Spread thinly but evenly over the floor with a cloth tied round the end of the mop. Buff either by hand or preferably with an electric floor polisher.

To maintain the shine in between waxing use the paraffin cloth or buff up with the electric polisher, using clean felt pads and no polish.

Some modern waxes do not require buffing up after application. Of these, one very reliable make is Wheelers Natural Wax Floor Polish. Pour a small amount of wax, spread evenly over the floor with a barely damp cloth or mop (or tie damp cloth to a mop head). Allow to dry.

Floor with a urethane finish do not need waxing.

Important note: Never use furniture polish on wooden floors. It can give a lethally slippery finish.

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