How To Store Your Shoes With These Simple Ideas

How To Storage Your Shoes Ideas – How many pairs of shows do you own? Whether you have a passion for flip flops, high heels, knee length boots, business shoes, trainers, loafers, moccasins, platforms or slippers… We can all build up quite a shoe collection over the years without even trying. So where do they all belong?First of all, collect up all your shoes from around the house (including your partner’s and your kids’ shoes) so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Decide if you’re going to throw any out or donate them to charity, then count how many “keepers” you’ve got.

Shoe drawers come in various designs and materials

Now you can choose which kind of shoe storage device is best for you…

Shoe drawers come in various designs and materials, enabling you to tailor the ideal shoe drawer to your needs. For optimum storage space, choose a drawer that requires the shoes to be sandwiched together sideways, like in a shoe box. If you’re not worried about space but do want to show off your shoes, choose an open shoe alcove. This allows them to be laid out in style, so you can see all your footwear options at the same time while getting dressed for the day.

A shoe ladder is great as both a convenient storage solution and a way to preview your shoes all at once. Often designed with three or four tiers, a shoe ladder can cater to up to 9-12 pairs of shoes! The beauty of this shoe storage solution is it takes up little space, fitting comfortably into a closet under your hanging clothes, or up against the wall in an entry hallway.

Shoe racks and rails are an essential item for any walk-in wardrobe

Shoe racks and rails are an essential item for any walk-in wardrobe, which is designed to house all your clothes and footwear in one well-organised dressing area. Many shoe racks comprise of angled shelves which take up little space and enable you to view your entire shoe collection at once.

All three of these storage ideas work well in a closet or walk-in wardrobe area, so you can have your shoes within reach while you get dressed. Alternatively, having your shoe storage by the front door is a better option if you don’t want to walk dirty shoes through the house and into your bedroom.

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