How To Remove Wax From Silver Candlesticks?

How To Remove Wax From Silver Candlesticks? – Wax dripping decoratively down a candlestick looks rather romantic when everyone is having a lovely time and, in any case, it is not very hospitable to start twittering about spills in the middle of dinner. But removing it is a tedious job. Avoid it in future by burning non-drip candles.

Do not freeze silver candlesticks to remove wax, as some people  suggest. Many are made of more than one metal. Different metals contract at different rates, and the shock of freezing could cause the metal to split, or damage to enamel or paint. 

Before you clean a silver candlestick, turn it upside down. How it is made has a bearing on how it is to be cleaned. It will either be hollow or have a filled resin base. Each has an advantage: hollow  candlesticks are easier to clean; resin-filled bases are more stable. To clean, proceed as follows.


Hollow candlesticks. Run the candlestick under the hot tap and then prise out the wax, using an orange stick (the wooden stick used by manicurists) or a wooden cocktail stick. Once the obvious bits of wax have been removed, rinse again under the hot tap to remove the rest. Dry very well with a soft duster, then polish with a silver cleaning cloth.

Candlesticks with a resin base. lt is important not to allow water to get into the candlestick, because it can corrode the metal from inside. Never immerse in water!

To clean, start by taking the candlestick apart, removing the nozzles and so forth. Nearly all candlesticks unscrew: just be careful to support the candleholders from below with your hand and not to press too hard. 

The removable parts can be rinsed under the hot tap, as above, then dried. The parts that cannot be immersed in water should be wiped with a cloth dipped in very hot water and wrung out. This is tedious, but eventually, the wax residue will disappear. 


Or use a hairdryer to soften the wax. Use a low heat and do not direct the heat on one spot for too long. As the wax softens, prise it off with an orange stick or blunt cocktail stick – cut off the point. 

Whichever method you use, once you have removed all the wax, dry the candlestick and buff gently with a silver polishing cloth. 

Tips: To make a candle last longer, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours before using. To fit a difficult candle into a candlestick, dip the end in boiling water for a second or two. The end will soften  enough to fit in easily, and it will sit tight.

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