How To Remove A Super Glue?

Super Glue is fantastic stuff that will stick almost anything to everything. Despite this it can have it’s drawbacks also.

For example it is not hard for people to make errors when using it and then end up sticking two things together which were not intended to be glued together, or possibly even worse gluing two fingers together.

This is when folks need to get a remover on the case, to work things out again. There are some different choices available to folks, and it’s good to understand the advantages and disadvantages of every different kind of super glue remover.

There’s two major methods to choose from. One is by using Acetone and the other is by using a special remover. Acetone is usually found in nail polish remover so a bottle of nail polish remover works extremely well for a super glue remover. Then again, recently as a result of popularity of acrylic nails, a few nail polish removers are starting to be produced without acetone, due to the fact this tends to actually weaken the acrylic nails.


It is often tricky to tell which ones have it and which ones don’t, as there are often no ingredients published on the remover bottles. With acetone folks could also damage the color of certain cloths and occasionally also the finish of certain materials.

Due to this we constantly recommend using a specialist remover. They’re found in most DIY and craft stores and are also really cheap.

We also don’t advocate the use of any sometimes recommended flammable materials for example lighter fluid. These liquids may be extremely harmful to use and should be avoided.

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