How To Reduce Ironing?

How to reduce ironing? – There are some things that never need ironing. They include: anything that says ‘do not iron’ on the care label; towels, face flannels and tea towels; underwear (unless you go in for silk camisoles and suchlike), socks and nappies; fleeces; most lycra-based sportswear, swimsuits, bikinis; velvet, chenille, seersucker, and special crinkle-effect fabrics; fitted sheets (even cotton ones will smooth out magically as soon as you put them on the bed).

Drying laundry correctly is a good way to minimize ironing. If you hang clothes outside on a warm, dry, breezy day, the wind will billow out the fabric and remove wrinkles. When drying flat, pull the garment gently into shape before drying.

Further non-ironing tips

The tumble-dryer is the non-ironer‘s best friend. The trick is to shake out clothes before they go into the dryer, to start the dewrinkling process. Do not allow them to over-dry and do not leave them in a heap in the dryer. Take them out immediately, then shake again and fold immediately, smoothing them with your hands as you do so. Using this method, you’ll not iron a T-shirt for many years.

The tumble-dryer

Bed linen really should be ironed, but if you cannot bring yourself to do it, buy a beautiful bedspread to cover up the wrinkled sheets.

Crease-resistant shirts are increasingly available. They are made of cotton that has been treated with a special finish that makes them resistant to creasing while they are being worn. More important, they can be washed, hung on a hanger to dry and emerge unwrinkled.

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