How To Polish Ceramic Floor Like Professionals?

How To Polish Ceramic Floor Like Professionals? Well, there are times when your ceramic tile floor may start to appear dull. This can happen occasionally even when you are following all of the proper cleaning procedures. Periodic scrubbing, cleaning and polishing are important aspects of restoring the beauty of your tile. Here is a look at the polishing procedures that professionals follow to improve the appearance of your flooring.

Preparation. Prior to initiating cleaning, certain preparatory procedures must be followed. This can include moving the contents of the room to a different location. It can also mean setting up a track off mat. Creating a safety perimeter is another important aspect of preparation. This can involve safety cones, barricades and signs.


Dry Soil Removal. The first step the technician will take is to perform dry soil removal. This can be done in several ways. For heavily soiled areas, vacuuming may be required. Dust mops and brooms are also used to sweep the surface soil away.

Cleaning Solution. The next step is to apply the scrubbing solution. For ceramic tile, scrubbing solutions used are typically neutral cleaners. Or, they may choose to use an all-purpose cleaner. These are more powerful and should only be used when the tile is heavily soiled. When applying the cleaning solution, there is a balance that must be struck. It should be allowed to sit on the floor for some time in order to allow it to work properly. This is called dwell-time. However, it should not be left for so long that it dries on the surface. That is a cleaning error that makes the task much more difficult.

Clean Corners. Special equipment may be employed in order to reach corners and edges. This edge-cleaning equipment is essential if you want to get the best looking results possible. It is used both to apply cleaning solution and to remove soil.


Cleaning Process. Once the cleaning agent has been properly applied, a machine will be used to agitate it on the floor. This agitation is what will help to lift up the deeply soiled spots and stains. Once this has taken place, there will be a remaining mix of cleaning solution, water and soil. This will need to be removed immediately and not allowed to dry on the floor. After it has been removed, the entire area will need to be rinsed thoroughly.

Inspection. The process isn’t over until the results have been inspected. Sometimes re-cleaning may be required in certain areas. Remember that a professional tile cleaner has the right training and equipment to accomplish the job.

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