How To Paint Wooden Surfaces?

This painting guide on how to paint wooden surface like door, window, wooden surface in the garden or the roof or even home furniture like cabinets, table, chair etc. will teach you step-by-step on how to paint wooden items in your home like a professional.

Properly and timely painted wood can not only improve the looks and value of your home but it will also increase the life on the wooden material. This painting guide is divided into to parts – preparing the wooden surface for painting and wooden surface.

How to Paint Wooden Surface for Opaque Finish Surface Preparation

– Sand all previously painted wooden surfaces to remove any dust or grease.

– Make a solution of a good quality primer and thinning in the manufacturer-recommended and apply on the wooden surface using a good quality smooth brush. Allow to dry completely for about 6 to 10 hours.
– Apply good quality putty or lambi on the surface.
– Using a good quality sand paper, sand the applied putty and then apply a second coat of the wood primer.
– Allow 6 to 10 hours for the primer to dry completely. Now the wooden surface is ready for painting.

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Painting Wooden Surface for Opaque Finish

– Choose the best suitable color to match the paint in your home. You can go for conventional enamel paints like gloss enamel paint, satin enamel paint or synthetic enamel wooden paint.
– Apply first coat of the desired paint on the wooden surface. Enamel wooden paint is normally applied with brush but they can also be spray painted.
– Allow enough time for the paint to dry. It has to be noted that enamel paints need more time to dry. Make sure the wooden surface you are painting is in a dust-free environment.
– Apply second coat of paint. In most cases two coats of paint is sufficient.

How to Paint Wooden Surface for Transparent Finish Surface Preparation

– All wooden surfaces to be coated or painted must be seasoned to make sure the moisture level is between 10-15%. This is very important to prevent any deformation due to extreme climate.
– If you want to paint a new wood surface, then sand the surface with emery paper to remove the roughness of the wood.
– Next you need to fill grains and pores using suitable wood filler. Remove excess filler by strokes along the grain pattern. Repeat the process if required and allow 2 to 4 hours for the surface to dry.
– Sand the filled surface with emery paper.
– For better results, you can also staining with good quality wood stain.


Painting Wooden Surface for Transparent Finish Painting New Wood

– Make sure the surface to be painted is dust-free and clean.
– Choose best suitable good quality transparent coating. Get the manufacturer-recommended thinner and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
– For better results, apply 2 to 3 coatings of the finish.
– Close the paint container tightly after use.

Painting Pre-Polished Wood

– Sand the surface along the grains with emery paper to make the surface uniform and smooth.
– If you want staining then remove old finish completely. Make sure the surface is free from dust.
– Apply 2 to 3 coats of finish paint.

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