How To Organize The Peripheral Rooms

What we call ‘peripheral rooms’? The garage as a work station, the basement and the attic are the rooms you seldom spend more than a few minutes every day. There are people who don’t go to their attic for years, unless they have a darn good reason to. Although we understand how you wouldn’t want to spend time in one of these rooms without a motif and a goal in mind, it’s advisory to employ some management skill in the long run.

If you have already forgotten what you have stacked in your peripheral rooms, you should consider cleaning them to be your new home project for the next month or so, because you will have a really hard time doing so without the rooms sparkling.

We advice to start with the attic and move down towards the garage and basement, because the attic is truly a room you have no practical use of being in other than to store furniture and boxes. The attic becomes your best friend, when storing memorabilia, antiques and documents. All of these groups need a well-isolated, dry place for shelter and attics by definition fulfil these requirements. Place your furniture to the back and group all your belongings into different corners. Files should go in one corner of the room, family photos and trophies should go in another.


Once you’re done with the attic move to the garage. If you are one to embark on home improvement projects, then consider creating your own workshop area. Place your tools around the table and if it is space that concerns you, a simple peg board, where you can hang your hand tools. This clever use of vertical space reduces clutter and free prime space on your working station. No more pushing tools out of the way for you. If you have an excess of materials, which can’t be stored in your garage without creating problems, move them down in your basement. Seasonal instruments can go as well, until they are needed.


What you have to consider with each of these rooms is that they have to be kept clean at all times so that they can effectively act as storage spaces.

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