How To Organize Important Papers In Your Home Office?

How To Organize Important Papers In Your Home Office? Do these simple steps daily, and before you know it, you will have developed a habit that will help you keep your home office organized and uncluttered.

1. Initially assign one place for all incoming mail.

2. Secondly assign one place for all unpaid bills and file after payment is complete.

3. Hang a calendar in an inconspicuous place. Jot down important information such as payment reminders, and check daily.

incoming mail.

4. Find one place for all important papers to be filed.

5. Print any important information off your computer for filing.

6. Before creating files, have all the filing supplies you’ll need to complete the job.

7. Maintain a particular time when you file, while watching television, Sunday morning, etc.

8. Clearly mark every file.

9. Have red flags on hand to mark the files that need action.

Medical Insurance

10. When designing your filing system in your home office keep all papers for your car in one file, insurance, etc., rather than having a file for all insurance papers, and a separate file for all warranties, etc. When filing your papers put all house papers in one file, and organize your ‘House File’ accordingly. Have a separate file for other categories such as ‘Medical Insurance’, or ‘Appliances’ and organize these files with all documents pertaining to each.

11. Create an emergency file. To maintain the integrity of your filing system, keep all papers together as outlined in No.10, however, make copies of whatever you consider vital in case of an emergency, and after compiling these copies place them in a file marked ‘Emergency Information’.

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