How To Organize A Functional Laundry Room?

How To Organize A Functional Laundry Room? Could there be anything more boring than spending time in your laundry room while washing clothes, removing stains and pressing dresses. The situation even worsens when your laundry room’s interior is boring and is messed up with dirty clothes. Getting started to work in such a filthy, congested and scattered place is more like a nightmare. Besides, in an unorganized washing place, it becomes difficult for you to find out items.

Moreover, a poorly organized laundry room also shows your carelessness and taste. Do you know that just by giving a little attention and investing little efforts, you can convert this boring place, into a fully functional and pleasant place to work. Either you are using DIY techniques or going to hire an interior designer, you need to make your laundry a livelier space of your house. Here are some creative ways to organize your laundry room.


Make it look spacious

If all the items are scattered around, these will make even a larger laundry room look smaller and if organized properly, the situation gets reversed. Make sure you have not thrown the cloths randomly anywhere. Is everything placed on its right place? If not, you need to do it by yourself. Place all the baskets, towels, hangers, brushes, detergents on their right places, usually in the cabinets.

Be creative in creating storage spaces

You can utilize the space behind the door as a storage space. Here you can have the washed clothes hanged or even you can place other items of important use. Even you can use the backside of the door to hang things, make sure it does not look untidy.

Make it as airy as possible

Be it a smaller or a larger laundry room, you need to make it airy and bright by making larger windows. You also need to have a roof fan. Usually, the congested and closed laundry rooms start giving out bad odor. However, by letting the natural light and air in the room, you can keep the internal environment fresh.

Do not make it a store room?

Usually, people make their laundry room a store room by placing extra items/discarded items and clothes in them. Get all the extra items removed and discarded. If a dress or shoes is no more in your use, you can throw away it, instead of placing it in your laundry.

Maintain an overall interior

Like any other room of your house, you need to maintain its interior too, so that you could enjoy washing here. Get attractive countertops and black splashes because not only these enhance the interior but also fulfill the functionality purpose. If the room is smaller, there is no need to place a separate iron stand; instead you can reserve a place on the countertops to iron the dresses. Make sure everything is arranged in a proper sequence like detergents should be placed right above the countertops which have a washer and dryer underneath.





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