How To Make Your Own Household Cleaners?

How To Make Your Own Household Cleaners? If you have run out of a cleaning products, make your own. It is good to have a small repertoire in case of emergency. Generally, homemade cleaners use fewer chemicals than manufactured products and are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

For making a general cleaner take 4 liters of hot water, add half a teacup each of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and household ammonia. Use it as a general household cleaner.

Make a floor cleaner

Make a floor cleaner – To 4 liters hot water add a squirt of washing-up liquid and a teacup of vinegar. This can be used on all floors, including wooden ones, but make sure the mop is wrung out until barely damp.

Make a household cleaner for baths, basins and tiles – Put 100 g bicarbonate of soda into a small bowl, add 1 tbsp washing-up liquid and add enough vinegar to make a creamy liquid. If you like, put it into a squeezy bottle, but it will not keep, so use it up quickly.

Make a scouring powder – Mix together equal quantities of bicarbonate of soda, borax and cooking salt. Store in a large shaker and use as any scouring powder.

Make a carpet and upholstery cleaner – If you have a spill on a carpet and no carpet cleaner to hand, the following homemade cleaners work very efficiently and are good to know in case of emergencies. Make a solution of water and mild, unperfumed, uncolored washing-up liquid in a deep bowl. Swish the water round with your hand vigorously to create a mass of foam. This will be your cleaning agent.

Take a white cloth and scoop up some of the foam with it. Work the foam into the stain. When you are satisfied that it has gone, rinse with a solution of half and half water and white vinegar, and blot well. Then rinse with plain water, and blot well with a white kitchen towel to remove excess moisture. Place white kitchen towels on top, weight them down and allow to dry. When dry, vacuum or brush to bring up the pile.

Make a window cleaner – Most commercial window cleaners are made from a mixture of ammonia, alcohol and water. When your bottle of commercial window cleaner is empty, refill it with a mixture of 45% water, 45% surgical spirit and 10% household ammonia. Shake well before using. This is particularly good for interior windows ans mirrors.

Make a homemade furniture polish

Make a homemade furniture polish – Grate a block of beeswax into a pan. Pour over turpentine to cover and leave in a warm place (not over direct heat because turpentine is highly inflammable) until the wax has dissolved. Stir very thoroughly. Pour into a jar to store.

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